Weaver Ring Snaffle Bit, Sweet Iron Copper Inlay

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Snaffle Bits

By definition a snaffle bit is a direct pull or direct action bit, meaning that when you are holding the reins in two hands atop your horse, you have direct contact with its mouth. Whatever you do with your hands, your horse should do. For example, when you move your hand to the left, your horse will feel that cue and realize that you want him to go that way.

Most trainers will start a young horse in a snaffle to gain the framework it needs to transition to a curb bit. Such a foundation includes lateral flexion, collection, transitions, responsiveness to leg cues and more. Again, this depends on the method of training the trainer uses. In the vaquero tradition of training, for example, horses are typically started in a bosal hackamore.

Best if used with an all leather curb strap to prevent the bit from pulling through the horse’s mouth, O-ring and offset D-ring snaffles are great bits for starting young colts, training exercises, introducing a new riding discipline or softening an older, more seasoned horse’s mouth.


  • 5" sweet iron dog bone mouth with copper inlay
  • Features 3" O-rings
  • Black steel finish offers a modern look